This Reef Masterclass is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to successfully and responsibly plan, assess and implement reef projects. Underpinned by the latest research findings and based on the Reef Resilience Network, the program is built on a wealth of practical experience with coral reef science, citizen science and management. We have partnered with leading coral reef experts to deliver a world-class training opportunity. We are located at a world class coral reef research station for immersive learning on the reef

Designed for schools, individuals, professionals and community leaders involved in coral reef management or reef science, the Reef Masterclass will provide instruction and technical know-how through hands-on training by industry experts including former staff of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and other reef practitioners. Run over 4 days, the Masterclass will involve a combination of lectures, discussions and hands-on or field activities to provide a collegial and experience-based learning environment. We will also learn from each other and discuss potential future collaborative projects

Key topics covered in the Masterclass include:

  • Observation and identification of local marine species
  • In-water surveys using several integrated survey methods
  • Principles for design and delivery of successful reef projects
  • Reflection on current and emerging issues in research, management and leadership
  • Developing sustainable and climate-neutral projects

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Reef Masterclass Information Pack

Welcome to Reef Masterclass 2023!

The Reef Ecologic team is thrilled to be joined by an impressive and diverse group of ocean advocates, students, managers and rangers. In preparation for the upcoming workshop, we have put together a comprehensive information document. Please make sure to download the full information pack.

What to bring?

● Long-sleeved shirts/sun-safe shirts
● Water bottle
● Hat
● Sunglasses (if you wear them)
● Jumper (for the evenings)
● Raincoat or poncho
● Runners (bushwalking/likely to get wet)
● Thongs (for the beach/showers)
● Torch or head torch
● Insect repellent
● Notebook and pen/pencil
● Sleepwear
● Swimmers
● 2 x Towels (for ‘saltwater’ use, and ‘freshwater’ use)
● Toiletries (e.g., toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
medication if needed*

Travel to Lucinda (Sunday December 10th – Arrival)

Meet at the Public Boat Ramp in Lucinda by 8:00 am to load the Orpheus Island Research Station boat.*

If driving from Townsville, please leave no later than 6:00 am

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you arrive on time. Transfers to the research station depend on narrow tide windows and the tides wait for no one!

Be prepared to get wet while traveling on boats.
If you are prone to seasickness, take medication prior.
It takes approximately 45 minutes to travel from Lucinda to Orpheus by boat.