Reef Ecologic has been assessed on the merits of best practices for energy, waste, and water. The ecoBiz Star Partnership is calculated based on a demonstrated decrease in resource intensity. To be eligible to become a Star Partner an organisation must show a 10% decrease in their resource intensity for at least one of the following three categories: Energy, Water or Waste. In the subsequent years following this, the organisation needs to continue a 10% drop in resource intensity from the baseline year to maintain its status. Reef Ecologic has been registered in the ecoBiz program since early 2019. and has maintained 3 Star Partnership for three years now.


Reef Ecologic have maintained 100% Carbon Neutrality, through extensive measures to reduce their energy consumption significantly, and offsets for remaining gaps. The business tracks electricity consumption as well as fuel use for vehicle and vessels, and even calculate emissions from event and conference attendance and training conducted. Home and office are net exporters of electricity with solar PV systems and high-efficiency appliances used. Reef Ecologic sources carbon-negative, local ethically manufactured clothing from Wolf Crew, at a significant cost to the business. This includes about 48% of carbon involved in production, using only natural fibres, zero waste, and 100% circular clothing production. The Reef Ecologic office is also equipped with measures to conserve water resources such as pool covers, shade, timer-fitted taps, and greywater reuse. B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance. Reef Ecologic received a 97.5 Overall B Impact Score, an outstanding achievement, placing them as world leaders. Reef Ecologic also achieved Ecotourism Australia’s Climate Action Business Certification. The Climate Action Certification program is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and assuring travellers that certified products are backed by a commitment to sustainable practices