Great Barrier Reef marine scientist Nathan Cook joined Citizen Watch  for a 30-year anniversary celebration of their adventure-inspired Promaster watch collection, which took place at Macy’s Herald Square and hosted by the History Channel. The event on Thursday  was well attended by invited and public guests who engaged with Nathan and other renowned adventurers polar adventurer Eric Larsen ecologist Greg Asner.

At the event, hosted by Tiny House Nation star Zack Griffin, the adventurers were asked questions about how their thirst for adventure was endeavouring to help raise awareness about the challenges the world’s natural ecosystems are facing.

Earlier in 2019 Citizen joined Nathan and the Godfather of coral, Dr ‘Charlie’ Veron on the Great Barrier Reef as part of the “Save the BEYOND”, a worldwide campaign co-organised by PROMASTER and the History Channel which profiles adventurers and explorers with front-line experience of the impact of climate change.

The team explored the variability of these natural landscapes in the face of today’s challenges.  Together we discussed the challenges and what we are doing to support the ongoing health and resilience of coral reefs worldwide.

Thank you @citizenwatchus for hosting  the panel all about adventure, conservation, and exploration. It was a pleasure to hang out with these amazing people working to #savethebeyond.

Watch the Marine episode the Save the BEYOND campaign HERE.