Effectiveness of coral (Bilbunna) relocation as a mitigation strategy for pipeline construction atHayman Island, Great Barrier Reef

March 2024 – Adam Smith, Nathan Cook, Al Songcuan, Rachelle Brown, Gemma Molinaro, Julia Saper, Kristin Keane


Sharks and Rays of Queensland

August 2023 – Adam Smith

Summary of North Queensland Bluewater International Spearfishing and citizen science 2022

February 2023 – Adam Smith and Al Songcuan


Coral restoration and adaptation in Australia: The first five years

November 2022 – Ian McLeod, Margaux Hein, Russ Babcock, Line Bay, David Bourne, Nathan Cook, Christopher Doropoulos, Mark Gibbs, Peter Harrison, Stewart Lockie, Madeleine van Oppen, Neil Mattocks, Cathie Page, Carly Randall, Adam Smith, Hillary Smith, David Suggett, Bruce Taylor, Karen Vella, Lisa Boström Einarsson. (2022).

Helix Reef Expedition

February 2022 – Adam Smith, Al Songcuan, Rachelle Brown, Joanne Stacey

Gold Coast Dive Attraction Coral Propagation and Monitoring Report

March 2022 – Nathan Cook, Kailash Cook, Adam Smith

Innovative local response to cyclone damaged reef leads to rapid tourism recovery

January 2022 – Adam Smith, Nathan Cook, Allen Grundy, Michael Lück, Petina Lesley Pert, Felicity Picken, Joanne Stacey


Issue 25 – April 2024

Issue 24 – August 2023