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Reef Ecologic have extensive experience in the delivery of informative, high quality capacity building workshops in science, management and reef restoration. The team has delivered over 25 reef restoration and recovery training programs, multiple youth leaders workshops and multiple international coral reef management and leadership programs on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia Awards program.

Introduction to Reef Restoration
Orpheus Island
November 30 – December 2


Reef restoration, and its effective implementation, is rapidly becoming an  important element of reef conservation and management. Combining the latest scientific knowledge with practical experience from the field, this workshop is designed to improving the knowledge and skills of reef scientists, managers, educators and those interested in making a difference for the future of coral reefs and communities.

 In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • Reef restorations role as a management tool:
  • The science of restoration: Delivering and measuring social, economic and ecological outcomes
  • Partnerships: Building highly effective teams and their role in success
  • Communications and collaboration about reef health
  • Reef restoration methods and How to effectively design, develop and deliver successful reef restoration projects.


This intensive 3-day workshop includes:

  • Learning sessions: Each day is balanced between classroom presentations covering science, management reef restoration and communications and practical in water activities to experience the coral reef issues first hand.
  • Field activities: On Saturday and Sunday we will snorkel the Great Barrier Reef to experience the fringing reefs and practice basic and advanced skills for restoration practitioners including species identification, reef surveying, solution development and how to put theory into practice.
  • Great Barrier Reef Location: Orpheus Island, fringed by coral reefs and mangroves, is home to James Cook University’s Orpheus Island Research Station (OIRS). An ideal location surrounded by 1,300 hectares of pristine national park, the waters around Orpheus are home to to 1,100 known species of fish and 340 species of coral.
  • Program development: Working together we will aim to review previous reef restoration knowledge and training (globally and locally) and to co-design a course suitable for the Great Barrier Reef.

Who is this for?

The program is ideal for people with a science background or who live and work in the GBR (indigenous, tourism, fishing). This initial workshop is subsidised and is therefore excellent value. Priority will be given to participants who are involved in reef management, stewardship or reef restoration activities. Places are limited given the important topic, great location, and budget price. Applications will be accepted until November 20 or until fully subscribed.

Introducing Reef Ecologic

Reef Ecologic are a Townsville based, global environmental company that provides expert advice to design and implement innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Reef Ecologic have implemented major projects in all the coral reef regions of the world, including extensive work with coral reef managers, scientists, conservationists and tourism businesses in the Great Barrier Reef, Caribbean, Pacific, Southeast Asia, Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Reef Ecologic are currently co-leading the National Environmental Science Program on techniques for reef restoration in the Great Barrier Reef and possess extensive experience in marine science programs both in Australia and overseas. Reef Ecologic recognise that the biggest threats to the reef are Climate Change and people. Our business model includes 100% renewable energy and providing sustainable solutions for people. Above all, we are a team united by our love of coral reefs and a shared desire to partner with individuals, businesses and organisations to empower them to realise their vision…for a better planet.

Expert Presenters

The Reef Ecologic team have over 50 years experience at the leading edge of coral reef science, management and policy to deliver knowledge, build capacity and support leadership to empower individuals and organisations to secure a more sustainable future. The people who are developing and sharing knowledge on this course include Assoc Prof. Adam Smith and Nathan Cook. The Reef Ecologic team specialises in providing expert advice to design and implement innovative reef restoration projects to deliver tangible, sustainable outcomes for coral reefs and those who depend upon them. The team have delivered over 25 reef restoration and recovery training programs in addition to multiple international management and leadership programs.


We welcome partnership organisations as part of this important workshop. For more details on partnership opportunities please contact

Cost and inclusions:

  • Cost: $490
  • Inclusions: 2 nights accommodation at a research station on the Great Barrier Reef (share accom, communal bathroom facilities). transfers (to/from Lucinda), meals (B(2), L(3), D(2), workshop materials.
  • Required: Snorkel equipment including exposure protection (stinger suit or wetsuit).
  • Max participants: 20

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For more information contact:
Phone: 0437 318802 or 0418 726584
Email: or

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