Recovery, Restoration and Resilience


Reef Ecologic has a long history in reef restoration and training and adaptive management.

Reef Ecologic has recently developed best practice guidelines for Developing Reef Restoration Projects in the Great Barrier Reef for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and are currently co-leading a National Environmental Science Programme investigation,  ‘Best practice coral restoration for the Great Barrier Reef’.

CLICK HERE to listen to the ABC Interview with Dr Adam Smith and Lisa Bostrom-Einarrson discussing the Reef, research, climate change, projects and mentioned the upcoming GBR Symposium.

Reef Ecologic is partnering with James Cook University scientists seeking the best ideas from around the world to find ways to help repair the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). As coral cover in the Great Barrier Reef continues to degrade, pressure is growing for direct interventions to assist the recovery of corals at significant sites. A range of coral restoration and assisted recovery techniques have been trialed overseas, however there has not been an evaluation of what will work best in GBR conditions. The first step of the project is a global review of what has worked elsewhere. Dr Ian McLeod from JCU’s Tropical Water & Aquatic Ecosystem Research Hub and Dr Adam Smith from Reef Ecologic are co-leading the project. Read the full JCU media release HERE

Introduction to Reef Recovery and Restoration

Reef Ecologic regularly conducts Introduction to Reef Recovery and Restoration training as part of the Reef Recovery Project at Magnetic Island. This one day program consists of presentations

  • Introduction to coral reefs
  • Reef restoration
  • Reef recovery at Magnetic Island
  • Field trip to participate in reef recovery
  • Group case study activity

To conclude activities participants undertake a short online quiz and are presented with a certificate of completion. This program provides information to support decision making processes facing various stakeholders in coral reef environments.

Whether developing guidelines, policy, project plans or experimental designs to support reef restoration projects, or building capacity to enable effective implementation, Reef Ecologic’s expertise enables our team to design, implement and evaluate professional ecological recovery strategies that assist in restoring the delivery of vital ecosystem goods and services.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Reef restoration training and guidance
  • Reef restoration project implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Key Projects:

Key Partners

Related Projects

GBR Restoration Symposium – Young Adults Workshop

GBR Restoration Symposium – Young Adults Workshop

Despite lofty emissions targets and pledges by the international community, scientists predict that the effects of climate change are likely to get worse before any improvement is realised. Consequently, the next generation is in line to inherit natural ecosystems in a much poorer, and declining state than present, potentially requiring drastic action to support reef resilience and ecosystem health.

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Recovery, Restoration and Resilience

Recovery, Restoration and Resilience

In December 2017, Reef Ecologic were instrumental in supporting the Reef Restoration Foundation in the establishment of the first coral nurseries on the Great Barrier Reef at Fitzroy Island, Cairns In collaboration with a team of volunteers, local businesses, organisations and researchers established the first coral nursery on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Reef Recovery at  Magnetic Island

Reef Recovery at Magnetic Island

A growing recognition that many reefs are showing signs of limited or slow recovery after recent disturbances, and the accumulating spatial extent of degradation of reefs, has led to increased interest in the potential for restoration to play a role in future management of the Great Barrier Reef (GBRMPA 2017).

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International Management & Leadership Course

International Management & Leadership Course

For the last three years Reef Ecologic have been commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to coordinate the International Coral Reef Management and Leadership Course. The Course has been designed by world experts on Coral reef management and leadership to equip the participants with knowledge, skills, experiences, case studies and inspirational stories about coral reefs and people.

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