Delivering Quality Citizen Science


Reef Ecologic have initiated and supported a number of citizen science projects throughout Australia and internationally.  We successfully deliver capacity building and upskilling to fulfill long-term monitoring needs.

Reef Ecologic Director, Dr Adam Smith initiated the Great Australian Shark Count to increase understanding of marine protected species and sharks. The project reported over 12,000 sightings of 10 species of sharks. The citizen science supported count covered the  Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef waters between October and December 2007. (Research Paper)

Reef Ecologic’s Integrated Coral Reef Citizen Science Program will collaborate with existing citizen science organisations utilising complementary reef monitoring projects (EG:Eye on the Reef, Reef Check in Australia, Coral Watch) to expand our knowledge and share information regarding the health of the reef in the Townsville region including Magnetic and Palm Islands. The grant will increase the ability of monitoring groups to work together, support multiple methods and deliver a broader suite of not only ecological, but also socio-economic information from their monitoring activities.

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Communication / Media

Reef Ecologic are here to help communicate your science based projects to ensure real-world impact. Whether you want to present your compelling stories to the wider community through online media, or provide visual reports to stakeholders on project outcomes, Reef Ecologic can provide compelling media products to showcase and compliment your work. Providing professional media production and desktop publishing ensures the broadest and most enduring impacts of your projects. We also have a distinguished track record in translating and brokering science to provide guidance, manuals and tools that empower communities, practitioners and decision makers in a world overflowing with information, conflicting advice and multiple media channels.

Key areas of expertise:
  • Video production
  • Capacity building for effective communication
  • Science translation and production of practitioner guidance