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Effective communication is a critical element of our organisation. Reef Ecologic prides itself in providing expert advice to design and implement innovative communications content, strategies and solutions.

Reef Ecologic has a suite of online, print, still and moving images to support the communication aims of the organisation. Providing professional media production and desktop publishing ensures the broadest and most enduring impacts of your projects. We also have a distinguished track record in translating and brokering science to provide guidance, manuals and tools that empower communities, practitioners and decision makers in a world overflowing with information, conflicting advice and multiple media channels.

Media Release: Reef Blitz 2024

Take up the challenge and become a citizen scientist for the day as part of ReefBlitz. Perhaps you will photograph and record a new species for your area or for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

Media Release: Coral Expedition

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                             9 November 2023Citizen science reveals new discoveries in Coral Sea Marine ParkThe ‘Citizen Science of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition’ exceeded all expectations with a diverse...

Join us from 10th to 13th of December for the Reef Masterclass 2023 at Goolboddi Island (Orpheus Island)

This Reef Masterclass is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to successfully and responsibly plan, assess and implement reef projects. Underpinned by the latest research findings and based on the Reef Resilience Network, the program is...

World class expedition of citizen scientists exploring the Great Barrier Reef

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                             31 August 2023 Join world class expedition of citizen scientists exploring the Great Barrier Reef  We all dream of exploring pristine waters, reef and islands and observing...

Reef Ecologic recognised as a 3-Star ecoBiz Partner for 3 consecutive years!

Reef Ecologic has been assessed on the merits of best practices for energy, waste, and water. The ecoBiz Star Partnership is calculated based on a demonstrated decrease in resource intensity. To be eligible to become a Star Partner an organisation must show a 10% decrease in their resource intensity for at least one of the following three categories: Energy, Water or Waste. In the subsequent years following this, the organisation needs to continue a 10% drop in resource intensity from the baseline year to maintain its status. Reef Ecologic has been registered in the ecoBiz program since early 2019. and has maintained 3 Star Partnership for three years now.

Media Release: Reef Blitz 2023

Official Media Release: Reef Blitz 2023

International students immersed with award winning reef scientists

Following a review of almost 100 highly skilled students from throughout the world, environmental award-winning company Reef Ecologic Pty Ltd has selected two international students for its 2023 global internship which involves 1-5 months of immersive learning about...

New Connections to People and the Reef

Every year Reef Ecologic hosts an enthusiastic group of coral reef conservationists and advocates for change at Goolbodhi (Orpheus) Island. This year's iteration of the reef restoration and leadership workshop was no different. We had an amazing group of people from...

Call to Action – A commitment to improving outcomes for the world’s coral reefs

Joint Statement/Media Release/Call to Action Date 16/12/2018 Updated: 12/01/2019 Coral reefs are some of the...