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Gardening in the Greenhouse

10 May 2021




A sneak peek into Reef Ecologic’s coral restoration techniques. Check out the story of this incredible day at the Museum of Underwater Art at John Brewer Reef.

Inspiring the Next Generation

26 April 2021




The Reef Citizen Science and Leadership Workshop brought together people to learn about different citizen science techniques and how to use them practically around the reefs. The most valuable aspect of the trip for me, was taking the time to step out of the day-to-day life with like-minded people and be reminded together of how lucky we are. We only have a limited number of days on this planet, so take these opportunities to appreciate our situation, enjoy the beautiful environment we have here in Australia and try to give something back.

Why does the World Of Restoration and Education Inspire?

15 April 2021


At John Brewer Reef the complexity and power of the reef is complemented by some amazing, breathtaking artwork. An enormous structure of stainless steel and cement sitting on the ocean floor. On first impressions you think to yourself, should this really be here. I mean what is it doing there?

Community Action Plans to Help Prioritise Reef Protection

6 April 2021





Local communities have a key role to play in protecting the Great Barrier Reef, and their efforts will be boosted thanks to a new partnership between NQ Dry Tropics, Reef Ecologic and Magnetic Island Community Development Association (MICDA).

Empowering Traditional Owners Key Outcome of Reef Restoration Leadership Workshop


15  Dec 2020

Working with indigenous traditional owners was a highlight of the third annual Reef Restoration and Leadership Workshop, with seven TO’s whose home lies along the Great Barrier Reef attending the four-day gathering.

Taking Citizen Science to the Classroom

20 Nov 2020


Over the last four weeks Reef Ecologic has been working with the Stars Foundation at Heatley Secondary College to educate a cohort of year 9 students about coral reefs and inspire them to care about these amazing ecosystems. 

Diving in Data Analysis to Explore the World Coral Reefs

17 April 2020


There is always a project to work on with Reef Ecologic, and I am seeing these setbacks as an opportunity to work on their data for future publications. 

My role in using coral restoration to help local businesses in the Whitsunday Islands

8 June 2020 

To mitigate this, Reef Ecologic have been growing coral fragments on midwater ‘rope’ and ‘table’ nurseries at Manta Ray Bay, with the aim to plant these fragments back onto the reef once they are large enough. 

Reef Ecologic introduces innovative Reef Resilience Workshop to Townsville Students

22 Feb 2020

 In February Reef Ecologic delivered a Reef Resilience Workshop at Townsville State High School.shared knowledge and insights about how to build resilience not only in coral reefs but also within yourself. 

Essence of Leadership

29 Oct 2019


In our current climate we crave and need great leaders. All too often we complain and despair about our current leaders. Our thoughtful, committed group held a leadership workshop at Goolboddi (Orpheus Island) and explored leadership theory, exercises, values and actions. 

From guides to gardeners: how these tour operators are replanting the Whitsunday’s coral reef

15 June 2020 

I’m out with Reef Ecologic, a team of marine scientists who develop innovative ways to preserve coral reefs and build the resilience of these spectacular marine ecosystems.“It’s going to look pretty different from what you remember” marine scientist Gemma Molinaro warns me. 

Leaders share scientific, business and traditional knowledge on GBR restoration

19 Dec 2019 

Traditional Owners, scientists, business, industry and community group representatives converged on Orpheus Island (Goolboddi)  to share knowledge on current and emerging issues, technologies and solutions to assist the recovery and restoration of coral reefs. 

Reef Leadership Workshop enables Citizen Scientists to Explore new areas of the Reef

27 Oct 2019 

Passionate citizen scientists and community representatives converged on the Great Barrier Reef to train in citizen science programs and complete surveys on areas rarely visited by volunteers. 

Reef Ecologic Joins Citizen Watch for 30th Anniversary Event in NYC

30 Oct 2019


Great Barrier Reef marine scientist Nathan Cook joined Citizen Watch  for a 30-year anniversary celebration of their adventure-inspired Promaster watch collection, which took place at Macy’s Herald Square and hosted by the History Channel. 

Reef Ecologic leads an International Collaboration Coral Restoration and Resilience Training

29 Aug 2019

Coral reefs are facing unprecedented threats from a combination of climate change and local pressures. People can make a difference to reef health by reducing threats and improving coral reefs using methods such as reef restoration and coral gardening. 

Restoration Advances in the Whitsundays 

23 December 2020  


On a recent trip to the Whitsundays, we were joined by a group of volunteers to help re-propagate coral colonies to continue the process of assisting the recovery of reefs at Blue Pearl and Manta Ray Bay. 

Leadership in Resilience 

20 November 2020


Reef Ecologic wrapped up another successful Reef Restoration and Leadership Workshop at Orpheus Island Research Station last weekend attended by 27 reef practitioners, environmentalists and future leaders. 

Trinity Bay Clontarf Academy Marine Debris Clean Up 

20 August 2020


Reef Ecologic continued their work engaging Indigenous youth from the region hosting 13 students from Trinity Bay College, Cairns in our Reef Resilience Workshop and Clean Up. at Pallarenda beach. 

An Experiential Great Barrier Reef Adventure 

1 Dec 2019


In December Reef Ecologic’s Nathan Cook and associate Tracey Cook joined Explore Whitsundays in hosting 20 G Adventures travellers in the magnificent Whitsundays region of the reef.

Citizen Science gets a boost from Traditional Owners in Cairns region

15 Sept 2019


Over the first weekend of September Reef Ecologic partnered with Reef Check Australia as part of their Integrated Coral Reef Citizen Science Program in supporting local traditional owners in improving knowledge about the health of the Reef. 

Call to Action – A commitment to improving outcomes for the world’s coral reefs


11 Feb 2019

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth. Supporting around 4,000 species of fish, 800 species of hard corals and hundreds of other species. Numerous research projects are being undertaken from coral reef animals and plants as possible cures for cancer, arthritis and other diseases.

Whitsundays Reef Restoration Expedition

8 Dec 2020


Within minutes of learning about the Reef Ecologic Coral Expedition, our trainer lost us to our mobile devices as we scrambled to book this amazing opportunity to volunteer and learn the methods of coral reef restoration firsthand with Nathan Cook from Reef Ecologic. 

Citizen Scientists Inspired by Reef Experience

5 April 2021

Recently Reef Ecologic hosted a group of enthusiastic citizen scientists at Orpheus Island Research Station in the central region of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Reef Restoration Update: Agincourt Reef #3, Offshore Port Douglas

20 December 2020

In 2018 Reef Ecologic in partnership with Quicksilver Connections implemented an innovative trial to assist the recovery of the reef in front of their pontoon site at Agincourt Reef.

RCA and Reef Ecologic Supporting Traditional Owners in the Whitsundays

15 December 2020

As part of our Citizen Science Project Reef Ecologic & Reef Check Australia is working with Ngaro Traditional Owners to help improve and revitalise some of those sea-country connections.

Schools Students Step up to Help Guide Local Priorities for Community Action

5 October 2020

Reef Ecologic are taking the lead on working with young people in the Burdekin region to contribute to the community action planning process.

Reef Ecologic Achieves Climate Action Businesss Certification

9 Sept 2020

Ecotourism Australia is proud to announce Reef Ecologic as a new addition to the family. Based in Townsville (QLD), the Marine Environmental Consultancy has achieved Climate Action Business Certification. The Climate Action Certification program recognises Reef Ecologic’s commitment and dedication to sustainable practices that address climate change.


Coral Shows Strong Recovery across the Great Barrier Reef

25 May 2020

Following media reports of widespread bleaching the team was determined to conduct widespread surveys to examine the severity of bleaching at some of our local sites.

Working From Home: A Marine Biologist's Perspective

30 April 2020

“In every crisis there is an opportunity” and I think that in this situation, it is exactly what we need need to find. This crisis may be a breather for the environment from all the anthropogenic impacts in the last decades but threats to coral reefs still persists.

Integrated Coral Reef Citizen Science Program gets the Green Light

1 April 2019

Reef Ecologic are excited and proud to announce that we have been successful on our application for a Community Reef Protection Grant through the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.