Following a review of almost 100 highly skilled students from throughout the world, environmental award-winning company Reef Ecologic Pty Ltd has selected two international students for its 2023 global internship which involves 1-5 months of immersive learning about leadership, business, conservation, science, citizen science, communication and sustainability.

Ilana Wolchinsky is finishing her health, environment and science journalism degree in Medill at Northwestern University, America. She will be completing her fourth quarter embedded reporting project for Northwestern over the next month to tell stories about reef conservation and the Great Barrier Reef through documentary and multimedia videos. Ilana will be reporting in the field to develop deeper scientific storytelling techniques.

“My goal while I am working with the Reef Ecologic team is to create videos that can have as wide of an impact as possible to communicate the values and research behind protecting the Great Barrier Reef,” Wolchinsky said.

Tobbias Missebukpo from Montpellier, France is completing his Environment Management master’s degree, majoring in Engineering in Ecology and Marine Biodiversity Management and will spend the next 5 months working on projects with the team. Tobbias will mainly focus on gaining more field experience, and getting to know new ways to monitor and assess reef health.

“In the future I really want my work to have a positive impact on the marine environment. Corals are the main support for most of the marine life we know today. By working with Reef Ecologic, I hope to learn how to better preserve them so that the next generations can enjoy the sights that made me fall in love with the ocean”

Adj Assoc Professor Adam Smith, CEO of Reef Ecologic and winner of the 2023 Australia Day Award for Environment and Sustainability said that “Reef Ecologic highly values the sharing of knowledge and experience with the younger generation of dynamic university students from throughout the world. We aim to provide an experience that will inspire, empower and change their lives for the better, and to also improve the health of our reefs and communities”Media Release – International students immersed with award winning reef scientists – March 2023.

Opportunities for two future internships with Reef Ecologic will open on 1 June 2023. See

CONTACT:     Adj Assoc Professor Adam Smith, 0418726584