Why does the World Of Restoration and Education Inspire?

Why does the World Of Restoration and Education Inspire?

At John Brewer Reef the complexity and power of the reef is complemented by some amazing, breathtaking artwork. An enormous structure of stainless steel and cement sitting on the ocean floor. On first impressions you think to yourself, should this really be here. I mean what is it doing there? But as we descended into the depths of the Coral Greenhouse, the main feature of the Museum of underwater Art’s installation, emerges as this enormous underwater feature.

Restoration Update in the Whitsundays

On a recent trip to the Whitsundays, we were joined by a group of volunteers to help re-propagate coral colonies to continue the process of assisting the recovery of reefs at Blue Pearl and Manta Ray Bay. During the trip we ‘planted 440 coral colonies on four of our...

Whitsundays Reef Restoration Expedition

By Susy James Winner 2020 Gold Coast Student Excellence Awards For ‘Excellence in Protecting our Environment’ Within minutes of learning about the Reef Ecologic Coral Expedition, our trainer lost us to our mobile devices as we scrambled to book this amazing...