Reef Restoration in the Whitsundays

The last couple of years Reef Ecologic and partners have been working on the restoration in Blue Pearl and Manta Ray Bay in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef. We’ve been trialling a few different techniques and methods. Some things have worked really...

How are Townsville’s Reefs Faring?

Reef Check Australia’s Townsville Region Annual Report 2019 – 2020 The Reef Check Australia is proud to share this 2019-2020 regional Annual report for the Townsville region. Over the 2020 financial year RCA volunteers and staff completed 35 surveys across 22...
Why does the World Of Restoration and Education Inspire?

Why does the World Of Restoration and Education Inspire?

At John Brewer Reef the complexity and power of the reef is complemented by some amazing, breathtaking artwork. An enormous structure of stainless steel and cement sitting on the ocean floor. On first impressions you think to yourself, should this really be here. I mean what is it doing there? But as we descended into the depths of the Coral Greenhouse, the main feature of the Museum of underwater Art’s installation, emerges as this enormous underwater feature.