Commitment to Sustainability

Reef Ecologic Pty Ltd, founded in 2014,  is a Queensland company with a local, national and global vision ‘for a better planet’. We have a positive impact globally on three SDGs: Climate Action, Life Below Water and Partnerships. We have been independently assessed as one of the  world’s leading marine environment consultancies for our ‘environmental’ performance. Innovative projects such as The Museum of Underwater Art have created a paradigm shift and had a fantastic reach of over 184 million people, and generated interest in science, art, culture and jobs and the economy (predicted almost 200 jobs and $42 million).

EcoBiz Partnership Assessment and Climate Action Certification

Reef Ecologic are very proud to announce that our business has been awarded 3 star partnership with ecoBiz. “Congratulations on your tremendous work in the area of resource management! It has been an honour to witness Reef Ecologic’s journey to a more sustainable future. Reef Ecologic has operated at best practice in energy and waste management” (Link)

Reef Ecologic facilitates the design and implementation of innovative solutions to environmental challenges facing tropical marine ecosystems. The group has recently been awarded 3-Star Partnership by demonstrating what our program considers to be industry-leading standards concerning efforts to mitigate energy and water consumption, and waste generation.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland

Video: Ecobiz certification achieved

‘Ecotourism Australia is proud to announce Reef Ecologic as a new addition to the family. Based in Townsville (QLD), the Marine Environmental Consultancy has achieved Climate Action Business Certification. The Climate Action Certification program recognises Reef Ecologic’s commitment and dedication to sustainable practices that address climate change.’
Ecotourism Australia

How Reef Ecologic are Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals

Education, strategic advice and restoration to assist the recovery of and support the health of ocean ecosystems are a key focus of Reef Ecologic’s operations. We started small with a seaweed removal project (in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority) and then developed small restoration projects for coral nurseries and coral gardening. We pioneered four innovative reef restoration programs across multiple regions of the Great Barrier Reef in partnership with Tropwater, James Cook University, multiple tourism companies, NGOs and local and federal government bodies. We work with local people and businesses on critical problems such as restoring coral following damage by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie to the Whitsundays region. We co-authored a global review that has been published in peer review scientific literature and extensive media. Our training programs and workshops deliver knowledge and inspire action from participants to improve the health of life below water
Reef Ecologic is committed to Climate Action and adhering to environmentally-sound policies, practices and leadership in environmental management. As environmental scientists, we ensure that our projects and working environment are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our main office runs on 100% solar energy and we keep track of the ecological footprint of all of our activities and field work through the Global Ecosystem Footprint to minimize and offset carbon footprint through Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. Reef Ecologic is recognized by Ecotourism Australia as a climate action certified business due to our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and assuring that our products and services are backed by commitment to sustainable practices related to addressing climate change.
Reef Ecologic work with diverse stakeholders and have extensive and diverse government, industry, science, tourism and community partnerships at local, national and global levels. In the past two years, tourism has been impacted heavily by a series of devastating events and Reef Ecologic has assisted develop new projects to recover from crises such as Cyclone Debbie in the Whitsundays and COVID 19. One of the new ideas that we pioneered was underwater sculptures, and this has had strong support from large and diverse sectors including Queensland Government, Whitsunday Regional Council, Tourism Whitsundays, local artists and indigenous. Based on this idea we planned, applied for funding and permits and then installed the ‘Whitsundays Ngaro Underwater Sculpture Trail in 2018-19’. We collaborated with Australian and Queensland Government and many Townsville businesses to plan and install the ‘Museum of Underwater Art in 2019-20’.

Reef Ecologic have become leaders in the field of youth education, engagement and empowerment through their reef resilience workshop program. Over the last two years we have run over 12 workshops at high schools and community groups, predominantly indigenous youth organisations (e.g: Clontarf Foundation and Stars Foundation)  along the Queensland coast.

Reef Ecologic is working with the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) in a ground-breaking project that links art, science and nature. The Coral Greenhouse at John Brewer Reef, Townsville recently opened after 2 years of planning, construction and monitoring to bring a unique experience to the public and increase awareness and appreciation of art and the reef. It is the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere that aims to inspire reef conservation and restoration. The sculptures are made of pH-neutral cement that allows coral recruits to settle and the museum is designed to provide structure and shelter for diverse marine life. The museum not only serves as a new attraction that will help boost tourism in the region but will also be a reef restoration site where around 500 corals will be planted.