Reef Ecologic specialises in providing expert advice to design and implement innovative solutions to environmental challenges facing tropical marine ecosystems and the people who love and depend upon them.

We bring over 40 years of experience at the leading edge of coral reef science, management and policy to provide insight, guide strategic actions and build capacity among the leaders of today and tomorrow to secure a more sustainable future. Reef Ecologic have implemented major projects in all the coral reef regions of the world, including extensive work with coral reef managers, communities and businesses in the Great Barrier Reef, Caribbean, Pacific, Southeast Asia, Red Sea and Indian Ocean. We are united by our love of coral reefs and a conviction that the considerations, decisions and actions we take can make a meaningful and enduring difference to the future of coral reefs. Through our commitment to excellence, our unique skill set and our dedication to partnerships we work with individuals, enterprises and governments and NGOs to improve the outlook for coral reefs and communities, and create a better planet for all.

Reef Ecologic is a registered company based in Townsville, Australia that operates predominantly not for profit. We seek to encompass environmental stewardship in all of its business endeavours, adopting a lifecycle perspective that ensures complete sustainability.


Empowering people to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions.


Working together for a better planet


People first, Building Community, Collaborative Science, Acting Sustainably, Ethical Leadership


Strategic Advice, Research and Monitoring, Facilitation, Education, Training and Capacity Building, Recovery, Restoration and Resilience, Media and Communication

Our Quality Management System Policies

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EcoBiz Partnership Assessment and Climate Action Certification

Reef Ecologic are very proud to announce that our business has been awarded 3 star partnership with ecoBiz. “Congratulations on your tremendous work in the area of resource management! It has been an honour to witness Reef Ecologic’s journey to a more sustainable future. Reef Ecologic has operated at best practice in energy and waste management” (Link)

Reef Ecologic facilitates the design and implementation of innovative solutions to environmental challenges facing tropical marine ecosystems. The group has recently been awarded 3-Star Partnership by demonstrating what our program considers to be industry-leading standards concerning efforts to mitigate energy and water consumption, and waste generation.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland