Reef Ecologic prides itself in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for coral reef management throughout the world.


Reef Ecologic works with businesses, governments and the NGO community to design and implement innovative solutions to environmental challenges.


Reef Ecologic works collaboratively to co-design solutions and help people, agencies and organisations achieve goals and exceed expectations.


The Reef Ecologic team has over 40 years experience creating a better planet through our people and their passion.


Applied research that delivers answers to real-world problems; ecological and social monitoring; R&D – helping to bring ideas to market.


Strategic planning, mapping ideas to actions, implementation plans, blueprints, participatory processes, discovery.


Expert training to increase skills and empower reef stakeholders in science, stewardship, sustainability, management and leadership.

Current Projects

Leadership & Management Course

Leadership & Management Course

The International Coral Reef Management and Leadership Course has been designed to bring together the current and future generations of people who care about coral reefs and wish to tackle some of the biggest problems on the planet such as climate change, declining water quality, overfishing, coastal development and stewardship.

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Sustainability Plan – Phoenix Islands Protect Area

Sustainability Plan – Phoenix Islands Protect Area

The Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA) is responsible for the management of Kanton Island and was required to develop a sustainability plan under the PIPA Management Plan 2015-2020. PIPA worked collaboratively with Reef Ecologic and Arup to build on existing knowledge and conduct expert assessments and consultation at Kanton Island in June 2017.

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Strategic Advice – Vietnam

Strategic Advice – Vietnam

Nha Trang Bay is Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort area, with a reputation for pristine beaches and the best SCUBA diving centre in the country. The Nha Trang Marine Protected Area is the country’s main attraction for snorkelling and SCUBA diving. The centrepiece of this economic drawcard is the coral reefs of the Hon Mun Marine Protection Zone (MPZ).

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We partner with

Museum of Underwater Art
Reef Recovery
Reef Check
Reef HQ
Reef Restoration Foundation
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
University of Queensland
James Cook University
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance
GBR Legacy
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Phoenix Islands Protected Area
International Union for Conservation
Sealink Queensland