Reef Ecologic prides itself in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for coral reef management throughout the world. We work with businesses, governments and the community to co-design solutions and help people, agencies, and organisations achieve goals and exceed expectations.

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Reef Ecologic’s internship program is about introducing proactive individuals to the world of small business, marine science and management.


Reef Ecologic engages in strategic partnerships that allow us to facilitate access to a broader range of resources and expertise, and to foster and strengthen collaborations to improve project outcomes.


Lasting Positive Experiences and Relationships 

Reef Restoration and Leadership Workshop - Gooldboodhi (Orpheus) Island 2021 There is something mystical, almost magical when we connect with nature. When we take time to immerse ourselves in the natural environment, we hear the sound of the wind through the trees, the cacophony of chirping, tweets and whistles from the birds. Underwater, on a coral reef, we hear the crunching and scraping of the herbivores as they clear away algae and excavate tiny amounts of rock creating space for new...

Climate Positive

Reef Ecologic’s commitment to SDG13 Climate Action is demonstrated by the achievement of climate positivity for 2020-21 financial year.  We are industry leaders adhering to environmentally-sound policies, practices and leadership in environmental management. As environmental scientists, we ensure that our projects and working environment are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our main office runs on 100% solar energy and we keep track of the ecological footprint of all of our activities and field...

Reef Restoration in the Whitsundays

The last couple of years Reef Ecologic and partners have been working on the restoration in Blue Pearl and Manta Ray Bay in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef. We've been trialling a few different techniques and methods. Some things have worked really well. Others have not been so great, like the biodegradable rope that did what it was designed to do and biodegraded...but a little too fast. We're using this pilot project to demonstrate that it can actually have significant effects in in...

Become a volunteer

Reef Ecologic conducts various activities throughout the year. We love working with people and engaging volunteers, stakeholders and partners on different opportunities out in the reef like reef health monitoring, citizen science, reef adventures and expedition, and coral reef restoration. If you want to be part of our next activity, register now and we will let you know of the next opportunity.

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